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Hannah has been so helpful in guiding me to see a clear picture as to how my business should go. I would have never thought of the things she brought to my attention! Very easy to follow and very friendly. She also helped me to realize that it’s totally ok to be myself and not try to “fit in” with what is considered professional. Loved our time together! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and thanks again Hannah!
— Ara Ko, Leadership Coach

After completing the 12 week signature program with Hannah I am blown away by the results. Not only have I achieved things in my business that I thought would only be possible after years, I have changed on a personal level too. So much so that people have not stopped commenting on my new found level of focus and drive. Hannah really pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone but I felt she was there with me so not all that scary in the end! I have already recommended her and would not hesitate to continue to do so. If you are considering getting a business coach look no further. Thanks Hannah, watch this space!
— Gurjinder K. Lalli, Hybnotherapist

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Never really had coaching before and have only really been in business just under 5 months, things were looking a little bleak as nothing seemed to be working, I was lost and didn’t really know what direction I was going in. A fab intensive session with Hannah has completely turned things around. I have cemented my niche and target market, I know exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going! I have a great strategy mapped out for the next few months and I know with this, I’m totally going to smash it! Will be booking again down the line! Thanks Hannah!
— Angie Murray, Owner and Founder of Virtual Angie

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Hannah has this wonderful ability to see through all the chaos to find a clear path to follow, and to guide you step by step along that path towards authentic success. She is highly professional, but at the same time, she is friendly, down to earth, and kind. From the very first 20 minute call, she gave me insights that not only helped me to find the next moves I needed to make, but that resonated with the ideas which were already half forming deep inside me... I would not hesitate to recommend working with Hannah
— Leah Leaves, Love and Relationship Coach

Hannah is an incredible and inspirational human who is supporting me whilst I work through the emotional blocks that sometimes get in the way of my company growth and financial security. She has helped me to understand why I was holding onto this mindset, and find solutions with practical and amazing tips. I am managing my ADD so much better now, and have completely re-structured the way I work.

Hannah matches her leadership skills with integrity, kindness, and an ability to strategize that just makes life a lot easier. Having my own business can be overwhelming at times, she has helped me so much, I am so grateful.
— Alice Fox, Founder of Fox and Magor (staffing agency)