Lioness Coaching is guided by 4 core values:







My love of business almost eclipses my love of people.  After a great career as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I sought a new challenge in network marketing. After a marathon two years and massive success I lost everything overnight. I made a decision that the failure would not ruin me but make me.  With my passion for helping women achieve their potential and retraining I founded my coaching company.

After growing up in an entrepreneurial family, business ideas were discussed at the family dinner table. When my school friends were writing songs and love letters, I was writing business plans. Jolly Jewellery was my first business at 8 years old, my mother would take me to buy beads with my pocket money and I would spend hours making earrings and necklaces. Then with a huge piece of card I would go door to door selling them and always astonished my parents with the pockets of cash I'd return with!

However I always had a deep desire to help others and I spent 7 years running my own practice as a solution focussed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. After stopping for a break to have children I discovered a seemingly perfect career in network marketing and threw myself into my new franchise. With no UK support within 18 months I achieved the Vice President level with the flash car and pay cheque.

On the outside I was living the dream but inside I was in turmoil, typically working 12 hour days without a day off in nearly 2 years, I was on the brink of a breakdown. As soon as I let myself accept that I wasn't coping the Universe conspired to help me. Overnight I lost my entire business that I had made incredible personal sacrifices for, my income, family home, car, savings and lifestyle were gone. It was utterly devastating. We had to accept that we had no option but to move the family into my mother's apartment. 

But within days of this disaster situation I realised the cliche that at rock bottom the only place to go was up. I was in a unique position to choose my life calling again, one that was in line with who I really was. I retrained as a Business Coach and with my passion for helping women unlock their dreams and discover their true potential, Lioness Coaching was born and I have never looked back. I am here to serve you!